Downtime Podcast

Alyssa and Jeremy host Downtime Podcast, where two coworkers spend their lunch break talking about video games.

What started off as a nervous conversation in one of our work’s conference rooms turned into a regular discussion sharing thoughts and ideas about video games. We were always comfortable as friends talking together, but there was a bit of hesitancy initially: restricted to a time limit because we never knew who needed the room, and talking in our office meant we couldn’t think so clearly either. Once we got to episode 3 and we started playing the same series simultaneously, the creative juices started flowing and things got more interesting. Now our conversations are longer, and we’re including others along the way to share in our same love every 1-2 weeks.

We present to you Downtime Podcast. The name was created by Jeremy, figuring out something to represent we’re on our work break and busy lives.

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