Downtime Podcast: Final Episodes of 2017

It has it been a crazy year of Downtime Podcast! Here are the episodes you don’t want to miss from October-December 2017.

Since the last post on Downtime Podcast, Jeremy and I recorded 11 episodes and made it to the new year.Holy balls, how the hell do we list them all out?! To sum up some important episodes: we interview someone for the first time who appeared on Netflix’s Terrace House, we have a new spoilercast, we have a live video podcast, and we count down our favorite games of 2017!

Episode 22: Tokyo Game Show 2017 just occurred, and majority of everything is summed up (and of course new details for Yakuza Kiwami 2 are out). But what separates this episode from the rest is we actually received a lot of fan comments (and we LOVE them! Send your questions here or comment on any of our platforms).

Episode 23: Sometimes the fun is in the lack of structure. Alyssa and Jeremy host an episode where everyone joins at random times and nothing is really planned, ending the podcast to discuss the latest season of Rick and Morty!

Episode 24: In true Downtime fashion, OF COURSE we would have a spoilercast on the latest Yakuza game! Shorter and much more defined than the Yakuza 0 episode, we better articulate our opinions due to playing the prequel.

Episode 25: Released at the same time as the Yakuza Kiwami spoilercast, this episode offsets for people who don’t want to hear spoilers. A quick podcast covering the usuals of the gaming industry, but holy crap there’s a PS4 bundle with a car???

Episode 26: This episode will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is the first time we felt like anything is really possible and anything can be created as long as we put our minds to it. In this important episode and milestone, we have an off-topic video game podcast where we interview Terrace House: Aloha State member Yusuke Aizawa. What seemed like a pipe dream became real, and this turning point really inspires us to do better.

Episode 27: If you’ve been following this podcast from the beginning stages, you would know it started off in a meeting room at work. This podcast encompasses almost what it all started with, a bunch of coworkers hanging out, and brings another turning point as Alyssa and Jeremy will no longer be coworkers after this episode.

Episode 28: In the very first episode after changing paths, nothing’s really changed. We discuss the happenings of Paris Games Week 2017, and a certain trailer comes out that has both of us fangirling before we even have more information.

Episode 29: This episode is the first time we ever recorded live. While Alyssa is on vacation, Jeremy invites brother Jordan and friend Jairus to discuss one of the year’s hottest topics – microtransactions and EA Game’s Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Episode 30: You know how sometimes you do things that you say you won’t do? Let’s just say this post-Black Friday podcast encompasses everything in that statement. We invite Kevin (friend from Persona 5 Spoilercast) to sum up everything from that eventful day.

Episode 31: Sometimes there’s just so damn much to discuss! Coming off of The Game Awards and PSX 2017, Alyssa and Jeremy try to fit as much as possible while discussing some TV and movie opinions in another spoilercast at the end of the episode

Episode 32: The best part of listening to different wrap-up shows of 2017 is the idea that everything is subjective and everyone has unique opinions. What you’ll hear in the final episode of the year is that our favorite games of 2017… some things change, some things are surprising, and some things will always stay the same.


Downtime Podcast will come back on Monday January 8!

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