Downtime Podcast: September 2017 Episodes

Jeremy and I hit the milestone of 20 episodes in September, which packs tons of podcasting and content (wholesome and controversial) to cover.

We’ve never had podcasts where we named outright opinions on more debated subjects up until this point, and the biggest reason is we want to promote constructive discussion versus argument. There’s a lot of variety this September, and it’s definitely the month we opened up a lot more.

Latest Episodes: September 2017

Episode 18: Jeremy and Jairus host an Anime Podcast off-cast that gets a lot more in-depth that I could have ever imagined. It’s a fun listen, and it gets further into the surface from just the average “what’s your favorite anime?” question.

Episode 19: You know how much we love talking about the Yakuza series, so we give our first podcast on Yakuza Kiwami coverage. It’s always a pleasure talking about this series, and as you all know this is the only series that Jeremy and I really play concurrently. While the feel and gameplay is the same, there are some distinct differences from Yakuza 0. We also get some unique questions on this podcast, such as a fun question about Nathan Drake versus Lara Croft. We’re getting more viewers and more interesting questions, and we very much appreciate it! This also happens to be the first podcast in a while we record at work.

Episode 20: A fun fact about the picture in this podcast: We recorded it, went to Quickly near our job, and the bags we’re holding out are of popcorn chicken. Nintendo Direct happened and the company showed it’s open to third party games with the amount of 2K games and other ones coming soon. Jeremy suggested talking about PewDiePie, and not that I was worried to discuss it but going into this I didn’t actually know Jeremy’s stance.  When we talk about something, we always name the topic but we never actually discuss our opinion because that’s what the podcast is all about. I think this turned out really well for our 20th episode!

Episode 21: This episode is almost adorable! Jeremy invites his brother, Jordan, to the podcast and the discussion is packed with fun family stories and co-op games. I don’t normally use this as a descriptive, but this is an incredible feel-good episode. There’s not much else I can say without spoiling it, but Jordan is awesome to talk to!

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